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Information on Dog Fences

Dog fence

The 20th century has witnessed a radical transformation due to advances in technology. Phones have transformed from communication to entertainment devices. The mail has been supplanted by texting and emailing. The wooden barriers that keep your pets within the yard have been taken over by technologically convenient alternatives.

Here is a 21st-century approach on pet enclosures that will guide you in selecting a suitable product. When you get to the point where you are undecided on whether to install a wireless dog fence, this guide can be of assistance.

Which is better; wood fencing or wireless dog fencing

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For centuries, many used wire and wood fences when preventing their dogs from chasing after birds, squirrels or even vehicles. Today, the wireless dog fences are just as effective as the wooden ones.

Why would you choose a wooden fence

For one, the wooden fence is way cheaper than the traditional fence. In addition, they do not impede the view on your property. Those who buy battery-powered systems can carry the fence along. This will be perfect for vacations and camping trips. Installing the wireless fence is much simpler than a wooden fence.

Wireless fence

How exactly do they work

Those who are new to the electronic dog fence world should acquire a basic understanding of how it worlds. This knowledge will help in choosing the most suitable product that displays the mentioned characteristics. There are those who believe that wireless fences create some sort of electric ring around your yard; much like a prison. This is false, as they are very safe.

The wireless dog fencing operates on a boundary monitoring system. Here products slightly different as they contain a transmitter unit accompanied by a receiver on the dog collar. The transmitter is then hoisted on an outer wall close to the center of the yard. At this point, you can then estimate the distance of the invincible fence from where you are positioned.

To keep your pet from wandering off, the wireless system operates on a two-pronged approach. The first step involves a beep as it approaches the limits of their designated area. At this point, your collar and receiver beep. If the dog continues to walk along the fence line, the collar delivers a small shock approach. If this collar is used alongside regular training, the shock and beep is enough to motivate the dog make a U-turn and returned to its designated yard area.

Very effective

dogAll that required using the wireless dog fence is a simple plugin for its transmitter and its ready for use. The dog collar receiver requires batteries to properly function. This is unless you come up with a way of hooking the collar to the extension cord. Half of the wireless fences across the globe are designed to accommodate an unlimited number of dogs. At times, you might need additional receivers. The wireless fences have in-built corrective shock elements.

Ensure that the device you have purchased has a wide set of options as dogs are different. There are those who might react instantly to low shock levels while those who will only react to a shocking level three times higher.