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Email database marketing


Marketing is the process of a business promoting and selling its products. Marketing is perhaps the most important department in any organization. With the advanced technology in the 21st century, marketing has been made the easy. Technology has enabled personalized marketing communications. Database marketing is the act of marketing that aims at producing personalized messages using existing customers database or potential customers with the aim of promoting a product or making sales. Database marketing can use any medium of communication applicable. Email is one of an ideal medium. Promotion messages are sent to customers in their private email. The messages are eye catching and the tempting to read. Email database marketing is the most effective form of database marketing. A message sent through the mail is not easily deleted. Emails are used all over the world. Therefore, a mail can be sent from really long distances. The email also allows bulk messaging. Why should a company adopt email database marketing?

Creates brand awareness

2Think of a company that just started its operations, or, an existing company that just produced a new product in the market. There exist stiff and serious competition in any industry. Market penetration for any new product is very challenging. It requires a strong strategic marketing plan. The most effective strategy is email data base marketing. Once email database marketing is adopted, the company creates a regular contact with potential customers. This result to brand recognition. The brand recognition stage is stimulated use email marketing. Once brand recognition is achieved, brand awareness germinates and within no time, there is a drastic increase in the sale volumes. It is more cost effective compared to other methods of communication. The personalized nature of the message also increases the effectiveness and accuracy of the message.

Wider customer reach

An email can be passed from one person to another very easily. By a click of the button. When the message is eye catching, the message can become viral in a very short time. The email also enables a server to send the message to a large number of customers within a very short time. Therefore, millions of customers can have a promotion message within a very short time. This method of marketing is the best for that wide customer reach out.

Enables feedback

As opposed to other forms marking, Email database marketing is few of the mediums where a company can get feedback from the customers. Due to the nature of the personalized message, a customer can reply directly to the company and share his experience with the product. The nature of the feedback will be direct and simple and directed to the marketing department. Customers like a place they can have their views and complaints heard.


Technology advancement

Email database marketing is in line with the day by day technology advancement trend. Many people are using email as the primary medium of communication. With the end to end encryption enabled, many people and company have preferred email communications to other forms of communication. Thus, once adopted by a company the policy will reach plenty of people easily.