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Converting audio file formats


An audio file format is a standard way information is encoded to store digital audio data in a computer system. Converting an audio file format means to transform or transcode said file format into a different type of file format. There are various types of audio file format, and each one has different characteristics, traits, and qualities.

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Audio files come in an array of formats. The two main types of audio file formats are uncompressed and compressed formats. A uncompressed audio format represents the exact data retained in a master. It is lossless, which means every audio information is kept. Some examples of a uncompressed audio format are AIFF and WAV. If you have an unlimited storage space, this file format is the way to go since even though they can be the most accurate, but they take up a lot of disk space.

A compressed audio format comes in a lossy and lossless format. MP3, OGG, and AAC are examples of a lossy compressed audio format. These file formats lose some data due to compression, but they are relatively smaller in size. Hence it choosing this file format means sacrificing quality over file size. FLACC and SHN are examples of a lossless compressed audio format. It is a great file format as it retains all the information but still saves space.

Reasons to convert audio files

There are many situations that make converting audio files notably useful. These are the two main reasons why people convert audio files. One reason to convert audio files is to save space. Whether you are short on disk space or simply want to make the file more compact, if you want to reduce your file storage usage then converting your audio files is the way to go.

Another reason is compatibility. Not every device, software, or application can read every file format. This is where audio file conversion comes in handy. You can convert your audio file into a format that is compatible for use.

How to convert audio files

aa234There are several ways to convert audio file formats depending on what you want to achieve. Some media players like iTunes have their own built-in file converter. Downloading an audio converter tool is one easy way to convert audio files. Other than that, some CD burning programs can also convert audio file formats. Media managers are a good way to manage and organize your library between formats.